The rent of oil production plants is $4167 per month. It includes the operation of areas, buildings and equipment. Support is also provided by our technologist, laboratory, production manager. Cost also includes completely furnished office and services of management and accountant.




Reprocessing of agricultural raw material is waste-free production of oil, sunflower cakes from sunflower seeds or rapeseed (full cycle, round the clock). The total reprocessing capacity of sunflower seeds is 120 t per day, oil output - 40-44%, sunflower cakes - 52-60%. There is the potential to increase the capacities.

Crude oil is edible 1st grade, cake (meal) is used as animal feed.


  • Dolgintsevo (st. Transportnaya, 1, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region): 2 oil reprocessing workshop, one hangar, laboratory, scales for 80t trucks, renovated in 2014, the total area of 7962 m2, area 1410 m2 of indoor space.

All territories are fenced and guarded, equipped with video surveillance systems, there is electricity, water (hot and cold), installed oil presses, norias, roasters, oil line, remote control, toilets, showers, recreation place for workers, hangar and grain warehouse, bulk containers. Simultaneous storage capacity is 360 tons of liquid products, 500 tons of raw materials and 500 tons of prepared products.. There is a driveway for the railway loading. Advantageous location in relation to farmers with favorable conditions for the cultivation of oilseeds and ports.

Location (GPS):

  • Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Krivoy Rog city,, Transportnaya st., 1:47.919107,33.459522

Advantages of factory

  • customer base, developed over 20 years of factory work, which includes customers inside the market and abroad;
  • prepared professional team;
  • processing of raw materials with any kind of quality parameters;
  • simple and reliable equipment;
  • certificate ISO 22000:2005;
  • advantageous location of factory in relation to ports and farms with conducive conditions for growing of oilseeds;
  • video monitoring, which gives possibility of surveillance of whole technological process on the territory of factory from any part of the world;  
  • electronic truck scales up to 80 tons, which allow to record the weight in electronic or video mode and transfer information to directorship in any other part of the world;
  • lathe production,  which allows one to independently produce any kinds of details, spare parts for equipment, that gives factory the possibility to be independent from market;
  • height of the object allows any modernization;
  • trade at the international market, 80% of produced goods are sold on export.

Another possible options for the deal:

1. Complete buy-out.
You pay whole 100% sum and business goes completely in your control. You can buy with legal entity included, or only property.

2. Leasing
You make the first payment and can use the business, making regular payments in the future until the time of complete payment.

3. Share participation
If you are interested in business, but you want to buy only part of the business, then there is the option to become its co-owner along with other partners.

4. Cooperation
If you have a functioning business in a related sphere, we are ready to join together on an equity basis.

5. Exchange
If you have movable / immovable property or a ready business that is comparable in scale with this object, we will be glad to consider it.



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