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If you are a startup company, which is engaged in trade of oilseeds and wish to go into production, but do not know where to start or do not want to get involved with the development and the long-term substantial investments, you are offered the unique opportunity to rent oil processing plant for the production of vegetable oil.

There by you will test your forces and in the case of successful experiences can even redeem oil processing plant with all related objects.



The rent of oil production plants is $ 360 000 per year. It includes the operation of areas, buildings and equipment. Support is also provided by our technologist, laboratory, production manager.

The reason the oil production plants rented and sold - a change of occupation by the owner.

Reprocessing of agricultural raw material is waste-free production of oil, sunflower cakes and fuel briquettes from sunflower seeds or rapeseed (full cycle, round the clock). The plant consists of a 5 workshops located in Krivoy Rog and in the village of Volnoye (Apostolovo district). The total reprocessing capacity of sunflower seeds is 100-300 t per day, oil output - 40-44%, sunflower cakes - 52-65%, biomass briquettes - 30 tons per day. There is the potential to increase the capacities.

Crude oil is edible 1st grade, cake (cake) is used as animal feed, biomass briquette is environment friendly fuel, which is nowadays beginning to be actively demanded.


  • Dolgintsevo (st. Transportnaya, 1, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region): 2 oil reprocessing workshop, 1 briquetting workshop, one hangar, laboratory, scales for 80t trucks, renovated in 2010, the total area of 7962 m2, area 3593 m2 of indoor space.
  • v. Volnoye (st. Yubileynaya, 55, Apostolovo district, Dnipropetrovsk region): 1 workshop for processing oil, 1 office building, 1 warehouse, garages, truck scales for 60 tons, renovated in 2008, the total area of ​​3426 m2, area 930 m2 of covered space.
  • Karachuny (st. Kamnedrobilnaya, 24 A, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region): 1 briquetting workshop, 2 warehouses and boxes, the total area of ​​7626 m2, area 1047.12 m2 of covered space.

All territories are fenced and guarded, equipped with video surveillance systems, there is electricity, water (hot and cold), installed oil presses, briquetting presses, norias, roasters, oil line, remote control, toilets, showers, recreation place for workers, hangar and grain warehouse, bulk containers. Total storage capacity of bulk products - 1100 tons, of strewed products - 3200 tons. There is a driveway for the railway loading. Advantageous location in relation to farmers with favorable conditions for the cultivation of oilseeds and ports.


  • Dolgintsevo: 47.919107,33.459522

  • Volnoye: 47.791106,33.583027


  • Karachuny: 47.899776,33.275573


Attention! At this moment workshops are rented till 01.10.2016. Hurry to conclude an agreement for the next period.

P.S. Dear potential buyers and tenants, in connection with the increasing desires to visit our oil-reprocessing workshop as an aimless excursion please make attention to following. We do not stop, do not eliminate, do not sell off the equipment and do not arrange open views from idleness. If you are really interested in a deal of this scale, it is necessary to keep quite a long procedure (after all, not a sack of potatoes in question). So our negotiations consist of the following stages:

  1. You represent information about yourself (who you are, where, the reason for the interest, solvency). After that we conduct an introductory chat at the office or on the phone.
  2. If you are satisfied with the general information and you want to move to the object of bargaining, please pay $ 300. On the background of the business value of $ 2 500 000 it is a small sum, but for us it is a confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions and protection against fraud or idle curiosity. Our representative will guide you through the workshop, he will show how it works and answer technical questions. While this you do not have to make any sketches, photo and video recording, as we have our own innovations and improvements that we protect from competitors.
  3. Next, you take a fundamental decision whether you are ready to buy/rent the property and put forward a list of documents necessary for you to complete transaction. In response, we also will demand from you list of the documents confirming your information provided at acquaintance, including information about your financial status.
  4. If you and us are satisfied with lists of documents, you must confirm firmness of your decision and pay $ 1 000 for document circulation and further disclosure of commercial secrets. Preparing process, exchange with documents and introduction you with the business takes some time and distracts the staff from performing of their basic duties at facility, that’s why we hope you will understand us.
  5. Last stage is exchange with all necessary papers, discussing of periods and term of payments, signing the agreement and the payment.



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